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Inspirational Creations

Creating ideas in to beautiful personalized journals, notebooks, t-shirts, blankets, or mugs.

Photography & Photo Videos

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About Us

Founded in 1994, has been ever-changing. Starting out as a place for showing the flags and banners that were created and adding an A.R.T. section in 2013 of Recycling clothing into Wearable ART.

I always seem to be selling and/or creating something but my passion has and always will be, "Loving the Lord, My God, with EVERY passion of my heart, with ALL the energy of my being, with EVERY thought that is within me, and with ALL my strength." Mark 12:30 TPT 

Thank you for stopping by so I can share my creations with you! 

What We Do

Hi! My name is Jaxxie. I was rescued from a puppy mill in February 2020. I'm now living a great life! I like to PawsNjoy (my mom says it's Pause and enjoy) journaling, creating t-shirts, coloring, reading Scriptures and PawsNjoy hanging out with friends.

Hope you make time to PawsNjoy too :)

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Jaxxie's Vintage

Like my mom  :)  Oops, don't tell her

I said she was old, I mean Vintage!

Visit my Etsy shop, pleeeease 

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Photography & Photo Videos

I love taking photos of nature or of people doing everyday things.

I also enjoy taking those photos and creating videos with them.

Thanks for submitting!

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